Frequently Asked Questions

Disney Family Fun Zone at Paws in the ParkDo I have to bring a pet to participate?
No – this event is for everyone – not just pet owners.   While many people enjoy bringing their dogs, many people without pets come to enjoy the day’s festivities as well, and raise money for the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. This is a family friendly event for everyone. 

How do I register?
You can register right now online!  Once you register, you will be asked to create a personal fundraising page.  It’s quick and easy – we even have email templates you can use to send to your friends and family to ask them to donate to your page.  You will earn prizes based on your fundraising efforts.   

Can I register & fundraise even if I cannot attend the event?

Absolutely!  You can still do your part to raise money for homeless pets even if you cannot attend.  We encourage you to do so.  You will still be eligible for any fundraising prizes you earn

How can I be sure I will receive the premiums I have earned?
Participants are encouraged to participate in pre-registration at the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, 2727 Conroy Road, Orlando, FL 32839 where you can turn in any cash and checks you have collected, and pick up your premiums.  Pre-registration dates will be announced soon via this website and on Facebook.  While we do plan accordingly, last minute registrations can affect premium availability.  For this reason all premiums are first come, first served.

Can I accept donations of cash and checks if I register online?

Yes.  You may accept cash and checks to help reach your fundraising goal even if you register online.  You may turn donations you have collected in at pre-registration and receive your fundraising premiums based on what you have raised both online and in cash and checks.  You may even enter cash and check donations manually in your Participant Center to help you keep track of your fundraising totals.

Splash Dogs at Paws in the ParkWill my friends and family receive a tax receipt for their donation of cash or checks? 

As long as you provide us with the names and addresses of all cash and check donors we will send them a thank you communication which will also serve as a tax receipt.  Anyone who donates to you online will also automatically receive a tax receipt.

What is a Team and why should I create one?

A team is a group of people who want to fundraise together and commit to a minimum fundraising goal of $500. Teams can be groups of friends, families, co-workers, or anyone who has a passion for helping pets and wants to have fun as a group doing so.  If you decide you would like to form a team, once you have registered for Paws in the Park as an individual you may then create and register your team.  We will provide you with an email template so you may email your group to invite them to join.  Teams are hugely important to the success of Paws in the Park and we encourage you to form or join a team.  There’s strength in numbers!